Sunday, May 29, 2011

How great is our God...

As I was sitting on the couch tonight feeding Delaney, I was in awe of my tiny little girl. This song popped into my head,"how great is our God, sing with me, how great is our God, and all will see how great, how great is our God", and I'm so thankful that song is 100% true. I was terrified that day at the doctor when they said that Delaney would have to be delivered early. I was terrified and then I prayed, and everyone around me prayed, and then I was calm. I was completely at peace with what was happening. Our God is great, He loves us and never leaves us. We may stray from Him, but He is always right there. Delaney is our miracle. God allowed everything to happen in His perfect timing to get us where we are today.

My faith has grown leaps and bounds since February 18th, 2011. Growing up in a strong Christian faith sometimes makes you take for granted God's greatness. Maybe He allowed Delaney's birth to happen the way it did to make me see where my faith was lacking? I'm thankful He did. I'm not looking back, I'm going forward with a renewed commitment to understanding God's direction for my life, and the life of my family.

It's very important to me that Jillian and Delaney understand God's love for them. I LOVE to hear Jilli sing "Jesus loves me" and how excited she gets about going to church. This is only the beginning. The journey that follows is unknown, but with faith that can move mountains I know it will be great!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! It makes me so happy to see how you are growing in the Lord. Yes, he does bring things into our lives to grow us and make us more like Him. Love you!! Mom

Judy Schakel said...

What a blessing to hear Ashley. God is doing amazing things in your heart and life.
I am so glad that I can have Jilli in my class.
She is such a true gift from God.

Jon and Pam said...

Ashley I know that I have grown the most through the difficult times in my life. They seem to make us rely solely on the Lord. I challenge you memorize God's Word. I started to do that again about a year and a half ago and it has renewed my heart in so many ways. It got me through many a day when I didn't think I could carry on. I love seeing and hearing how our faith is growing!