Monday, July 18, 2011

Quality Time

 This weekend was so much fun! So much quality time spent with some of my very favorite people.

We spent the afternoon as a family on Friday. Lunch at Roscoe's Tacos (my first visit) and it was so yummy. Of course, Jilli, the pickiest kid ever didn't eat much of anything. Some shredded cheese and a few chips. Hoping someday she will not make a terrible face every time she tries something new and says "that's dicusting".

Off to the park we went after lunch. Jilli made her way up the steps and once she was at the top realized it was a little too high for her. Tom, being the good daddy he is, climbed up and made sure she felt safe. He crouched down and contorted himself to get thru y the small spaces. Anyone who knows Tom, knows he's not a short guy, but anything for his girls :) Jilli and I went down the "big slide" a few times. It was hot, dirty and there are always those big kids at the play ground that you wish would play somewhere else. None the less, Jilli had a great time. Her smile made the sweaty,  hot day worth it. Delaney sat patiently in her seat, taking it all in. Someday, before we know it she will playing right along side of her big sister.

Mrs. Curls was calling our name after we left the park. We sat on a little park bench with our ice cream by the "creek". Dirty water, crawdads and the smell of manure  (not sure where it was coming from). We had so much fun and I'm so happy to do things as a family. I love making memories for the girls. I know Delaney is too small right now, but she watches us and smiles. I think she had fun too! No pictures were taken this bad!

On Saturday the girls and I went to a birthday/pool party for my best friends kiddos. Jilli had a blast. She loves Harper and Maddox (max is what Jilli calls him) and I'm thrilled that she gets to know them like I know their momma. Swimming, cupcakes and fun times.

I was looking SO forward to Sunday. After church with the girls I got to see Summer. Not only did I get to spend some much needed time with Summer, we were going to the Tim McGraw concert. He is my absolute favorite artist and I was so excited when Summer got tickets for my birthday. Eleven years of friendship. God has been good to me when He picked my friends. She is one of my very best friends.

It was incredibly hot, sweaty and crowded, but a fantastic time. I think I have a constant smile on my face when I'm at a Tim McGraw concert. The atmosphere is so much fun and spending it with Summer made it that much better. It's good for a momma of two to get out every once in a while. It's also good for the girls to spend some one on one time with daddy.

A fantastic three days. I am so blessed to have the most amazing people in my life. I never want to take any one of them for granted.

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